MORPHINE COMPENDIUM 01: PAZZESCA merges different cycles and collaborations into one cohesive, romantic yet grounded narrative that follows a chromatic flow.

As a Compendium, PAZZESCA is an act in which the overall message and the singularity of each piece equally matter. One of a kind is affirmed as a way of being, dressing, behaving.

The thirty-seven looks are intensely tactile: the loving product of an atelier nostrano applying crochet, filet embroidery and artisanal mending to archetypal pieces such as bombers, sweatshirts and knits, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, trousers, shorts, bags. Colors move from pale shades of beige, alabaster and ivory to rosy hues of pink, coral and rose
to soothing notes of indigo, blue and cobalt to organic tones of amber lush ginger and finally settle in the chromatic depth of black, cerulean and ash. Uneven overdyeing on jersey and cottons is the result of a process of water and dye recycling perfected by Stamperia Castelnuovo in Prato.
The chromatic and textural modulations retain an emotional straightforwardness.

True to the communal spirit of MORPHINE, COMPENDIUM 01: PAZZESCA is a collective effort, and includes collaborations with ONE OF ONE STUDIO for denim, ALESSANDRO GAGGIO for jewels, GIANLUCA PERSIA for hats, JURY SCHIAVI and ELENA BUCCIARELLI for masks and balaclavas, and FRANCESCA MOCALI for ceramic wigs.
The imprint of each author further augments the singular unity of the message.

behind the compendium: the process

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Located in Reggio Emilia, ATELIER NOSTRANO combines the work of artisans, local craftsmen and small businesses from Reggio Emilia and across Italy.
Precisely in the essence of the word ATELIER, each process is carried out with care and time.
The regenerative power that our skilled craftsmen apply to the artisanal transformation from dead stock is directed towards the creation of unique garments.
The process that our ATELIER NOSTRANO carries out are: crochet work, creative composition and sewing for patchwork embroidery, knitwear, inlays and manual sewing as well as modeling and costume design. Our ATELIER NOSTRANO is a promoter of ethical beauty.

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All compendium 01 pazzesca garments are available direct to consumer.
We produce, sell and promote our own product directly to the final consumer on our e-commerce platform.
This service is also dedicated to creating a more personal touch with the consumer guaranteeing a personalized and exclusive relationship.


behind the compendium by gilda & bodha

In the spirit of creating an alternative to the current system, we work to create a space dedicated to dialogue and the knowledge of new social and artistic forms, through our platform we can promote and support all the artisans artistic, philosophical, humanistic realities and new generations of talents who live a common vision together with us.
The spirit of collaboration with companies or new creative figures that creates our editorial content and our upcycling productions.


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Photographer MARCELLO JR DINO, Photographer Agent SEBASTIANO LEDDI, 1ST Photo Assistant DAVIDE MONTEUNO, Digital Operator ERIKA BUZIN, Stylist MACS IOTTI, 1ST Stylist Assistant ALICE MAIOLINI, 2ND Stylist Assistant ELENA LUCA, 3RD Stylist Assistant CHIARA BUCCELLI, Seamstress AMALFI ZUNIGA MEDRANO, Hair Stylist FRANCO GOBBI, 1ST Hair Assistant GABRIELE MAROZZI, 2ND Hair Assistant GIORGIA TREZZI, Makeup Artist JURY SCHIAVI, 1ST Mua Assistant LARA FEDELI, 2ND Mua Assistant FEDERICO TERNI, Casting Director SIMO BART, Casting Assistant IRENE GERMANO, Production CIRCUS STUDIO, Executive Producer ALESSANDRO VILLATA, Producer MARGHERITA MAGGI, Producer ELEONORA DENEGRI, Studio Assistant LUCA CHIAPATTI, Catering Assistant FILIPPO ALVERÀ, Post-Production CIRCUS STUDIO.